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Tixen Design & Development is the name associated with the professional and private works of Soleil Golden; web developer, systems administrator and web designer.

Before moving to the San Francisco Bay Area,  Soleil lived all over the world; from Hamilton, Ontario Canada to Houston, Renfrewshire, Scotland.  She was born and raised in the small town of Mankato, Minnesota, famous for The Minnesota State University of Mankato, for it's performance as "the big town" on Little House on the Prairie, for the "Minnesota Vikings Training Camp" which the university hosts, and for being the site of the largest mass execution in U.S. History.

Growing up in Mankato tends to lose it's charm around age 12, as with most small towns.  Soleil's parents were barely hanging on to the middle class for most of her life- which means her first computer, a Macintosh SE/30 purchased in 1990, followed by a Wang Laboratories Alliance 386 given to her by her grandfather in 1991, were the only computers she had to work on until nearly a decade later.  She wrote her first website in 1998, using Simpletext on the SE/30, and hosted it on the web space provided by her dial-up ISP, Hickorytech.  Upon building her first computer in 1999, and with the advent of broadband internet, Soleil started hosting her own email and web server at home, teaching herself as she went along.

Soleil now has nearly a decade of professional experience working with both open source and commercial web server technologies, HTML and CSS, and years of professional experience writing in PHP and Javascript.  She has been working at Alain Pinel Realtors as their Webmaster and Web Developer, as well as a consultant for any web related projects the company wishes to embark upon since September of 2006 (5 Years, 10 Months).