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September 23rd, 2010 Haircuts and Office Renovations

While I have not yet posted the remaining photos from the trip (why are the last ones always the most difficult to move off the camera?), I wanted to share a photo of the results of the hair cut I received while in Minnesota. He lopped off almost 4 inches! I feel so free!

In other exciting news, the office is presently undergoing renovations.  The entire IT department is being more or less overlooked, but they’re going to re-paint and carpet our area, so it’s not all bad.  The problem is, we have no storage room!  So while the phone guys were re-wiring our server room, we had to remove all of our stuff from it.  Guess who’s office became the new storage facility!

That’s my chair on the lower left there.  It has been challenging, concentrating while the sounds of construction workers ripping up carpet and knocking down walls surround us, but we’re enduring!  How nice that the Agents were relocated to another office during the construction.  I work entirely from a laptop, and thanks to a now broken chair that we’re awaiting a replacement for, I have taken the liberty of relocating myself to the home office for half days.

Our department isn’t the only one being shuffled about:  The Accounting department is having their carpet replaced and walls painted today and they have a great deal more heavy stuff to relocate then we do.  Thankfully for them, they have a storage room which holds most of it.

I sometimes dream of working for a company that actually cares about it’s IT department.  Ours is so frequently treated like nothing more than a debilitating disease which attacks profit.  …and steals candy from little children.  Oh, also a handy scapegoat.

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