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This trip has been lots of fun, but through the whole of it, It just feels like there hasn’t been enough time to spend with the people who were once my closest friends in my home town.  A week and a half is a long time to vacation in such a small town as Mankato, and yet, we ended up so busy during the whole of it, there were people I still didn’t get a chance to see.

As usual the favorite spot to hang out in Mankato was the Wine Café- a building in Old Town which is exactly what it says on the tin- a cafe that’s similar to a bar and coffee shop at the same time.  They specialize in wine, and serve the best Sangria I have ever tasted.

Next up was the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, MN.  This is the only Ren fair I’d ever been to, and it’s totally awesome.  I’d recommend this place to anyone! I bought a pair of really awesome fairie wings which I don’t have a photo of, my husband bought a great traveler’s hat, I got some new earrings which I’d fallen in love with, and we generally had a great time.  Huzzah!

After visiting friends in Saint Cloud, MN, we traveled further east to have coffee with a close friend at a George Webb Restaurant in New Berlin, Wisconsin.  This was the same restaurant that a close friend who recently passed away would have coffee.  As I was unable to attend his funeral, I wanted to at least say my mental goodbyes in the place we’d spent the most time together.

From there, we moved on to sweet home Chicago to stay with a close friend.  Last night, we went to the best pizza place on earth:  Pizzeria Uno #1, on Ohio St. in Downtown Chicago.  It was every bit as good as I remember it.

Tomorrow, I plan to arrive in Denver Colorado at the very first Chipotle, located on Evans St near the campus of the University of Denver.  Meet us there!  We plan to arrive at 7:00pm local time. 

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Aug 15 2010 Suddenly, arrival!

We left the house at about 10:30pm Pacific time, heading up I-680 to meet I-80 towards Sacramento.  I drove the first leg of the trip, letting my husband sleep to recharge in preparation for taking over when I could no longer lift a finger.  This system worked out perfectly!  I made it part way into Nevada, and let Brian take the wheel after a fuel stop shown to the right.

Nevada always takes a hundred million years to drive through, and I only managed to sleep for an hour, so I ended up driving for a while, then taking another 45 minute nap.  I woke up to the most beautiful sunset I’d seen in quite a while- Brian pulled over so I could snap the photo below.   I was very disappointed at the dead battery to my Digital Rebel- I wish I could have taken these with a better camera (but now I have something to look forward to with the return trip!)

I slept for quite some time, barely hanging onto consciousness for most of the night until morning broke.  We had breakfast at Embers (there’s a name I’d almost forgotten!)  Gassed up, and drove another few hours until this glorious sight was ours to behold:

We decided to push through to Mankato this morning.  I am presently typing this from the Microtel Inn & Suites, which a friend recommended to me (Hi Bob!).  Sleep will come shortly- but not until at least 8:00pm CST.  Mankato at 4:00am is a very, very lonely place.

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Aug 13 2010 The Journey Begins

Today, my husband and I will be embarking on the first roadtrip we’ve taken in 4 years. The route will take us North East, to Minnesota, where we were both born and raised. During our trip, I will do my best to take photos and keep a triplog of all the interesting encounters and experiences we have, here.

I have added my location via Google Lattitude to the sidebar. My first destination is Mankato, MN- I hope to send an update before I get there.


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