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Current Projects

These projects are under active development and support.

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A plugin for Wordpress which makes available a highly customizable widget which will produce a slideshow from any RSS or Atom feed.
Previous projects

These are projects I've worked on for employers in the past. All designs here were produced by me unless otherwise specified.

Example of: Design & Development
Created in July of 2010
Written in PHP, Javascript, XHTML, MSSQL

register.apr.com is an event registration engine written to take down information from users to add to a class. The system allows for multiple locations, and displays a map of available locations to choose from. Also includes an administration section for scheduling new events, editing the list of future attendees, exporting attendee lists in Excel format, and adding and removing locations. Form design by Becky Block.

Example of: Design & Development
Created in February of 2010
Written in PHP, Javascript, XHTML
URL: fling.apr.com

Fling is a simple web file transfer service made specifically for use at APR. Fling was created as the solution to a major problem with our mail systems and network; our agents were frequently sending very large attachments with emails in and out of our company, which caused many support calls when the recipient couldn't receive such large attachments. The site is designed to be fun to use- the box is animated when the message is sent.
Example of: Design & Development
Created in January of 2010
Written in PHP, Javascript, XHTML, MSSQL
URL: help.apr.com

Help is a knowledge base application designed to be modular and fully customizable. The system was adapted to borrow login information from another pre-existing system, while also maintaining it's own user database. As of this writing, it awaits the completion of a few major projects before it can be deployed into production use.

APR Datafeed Framework
Example of: Design & Development
Created in April of 2008
Written in PHP, Javascript, XHTML, MSSQL
URL: data.apr.com

Data was designed and implemented early on as a framework from which data feeds could be automatically sent to our various listing partners. The framework effectively provides an assortment of tools to send feeds via FTP, cache them if they're generated by an external link, and logs all events for review. It includes error reporting, and also keeps an eye on the internal "Abstraction Layer" - the tables which hold all the normalized and combined data from all of the MLSes APR works with.